What is an NFT?

The recent craze with NFTs has left many of us confused, especially with all of the stories of people spending absurd amounts of money for the “original copy” of something that only exists digitally. If you’re into digital art or collect digital assets, then you’ve probably heard of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, before. But in […]

AppleID Digital Legacy

How to manage an Apple ID after death

Almost anyone that uses an Apple device such as an iPhone or Mac has an Apple ID. Given the importance of digital devices in our daily lives, these accounts often contain important information about ourselves. If something happens to you, what happens to this data? In this article, we’ll answer these questions about managing your […]

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Why should you use a password manager?

Password managers are tools that help store and fill passwords on your digital devices but can they really be trusted to keep your information secure? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why password managers can be very useful in our daily lives. Benefits of Password Managers One of the main benefits of password managers […]


5 things to know about Apple’s new Digital Legacy feature

Updated on December 14, 2021: Digital Legacy functionality is now live! At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2021, one of the new features announced for iOS 15 (available on iPad and on macOS Monterey) is Digital Legacy, the ability to select a Legacy Contact. Although the feature only received 14 seconds of airtime in the keynote, […]

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