How to Write a Great Obituary That Prevents Identity Theft

Obituaries are meant to celebrate your loved one’s life, not be an excuse for identity theft! However, the sad truth about obituaries is that they’re often the source of valuable information in the hands of thieves looking to commit identity theft after someone has passed away. In fact, 2.5 million identities are stolen post-death every […]

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How to Connect with Your Parents using “36 questions to fall in love”

So many families are disappointed after the matriarch or patriarch of the family passes away, because they wish they would have captured more of their legacy through stories. Although it can be hard to think about losing your parents or grandparents, you’ll be more disappointed if you don’t take the time to capture their history […]

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AppleID Digital Legacy

How to manage an Apple ID after death

Almost anyone that uses an Apple device such as an iPhone or Mac has an Apple ID. Given the importance of digital devices in our daily lives, these accounts often contain important information about ourselves. If something happens to you, what happens to this data? In this article, we’ll answer these questions about managing your […]

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Photo of an old family photo album

3 Tips on How to Digitize & Organize Photos and Record Memories

Many of us have some physical photos, along with an ever-increasing number of digital photos. Most of us also have a social media presence, and may want to store memories and stories to pass on to our loved ones. Here are three simple tips on how to organize photos and record memories. NOTE: we have […]

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Sinister looking man with the text "Prevent Identity Theft After Death"

4 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft After Death

Preventing identity theft is always a concern for those alive and well. But what about those who have passed away? Identify theft of dead people is surprisingly common, ID Analytics reported that 2.5 million deceased Americans’ identities are misused each year. Criminals have even been known to file tax returns on behalf of the deceased, […]

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Two hands holding physical coins representing cryptocurrency

7 Tips for Leaving Cryptocurrency to your next-of-kin in your will

Even though cryptocurrency is fairly new, it’s taken the world by storm. Finder reports that about 23% of adults now own digital currency, and more people are adding it to their financial plans. Given the growing value of cryptocurrency, it’s important to think about how to properly plan for it in your estate planning. Recent […]

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5 things to know about Apple’s new Digital Legacy feature

Updated on December 14, 2021: Digital Legacy functionality is now live! At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2021, one of the new features announced for iOS 15 (available on iPad and on macOS Monterey) is Digital Legacy, the ability to select a Legacy Contact. Although the feature only received 14 seconds of airtime in the keynote, […]

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