Car Thieves Using Apple Airtags to Track Your Car?

Are you being tracked when you go out? Car thieves are using high-tech Apple Airtags to track your car, so that they can easily steal it later on. Here’s how you can protect yourself from this dangerous new nationwide trend, and make sure that you’re not the next victim of this terrifying trend. What is […]


How to scan documents using Apple Notes on your iPhone

Do you have documents on paper that you’d like to make a digital copy of, either for yourself or for your family? If you have an iPhone, scanning documents is quick and easy, if you follow these steps: 1. Open your Notes app (it’s a yellow and white icon on your home screen that looks […]

AppleID Digital Legacy

How to manage an Apple ID after death

Almost anyone that uses an Apple device such as an iPhone or Mac has an Apple ID. Given the importance of digital devices in our daily lives, these accounts often contain important information about ourselves. If something happens to you, what happens to this data? In this article, we’ll answer these questions about managing your […]

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5 things to know about Apple’s new Digital Legacy feature

Updated on December 14, 2021: Digital Legacy functionality is now live! At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2021, one of the new features announced for iOS 15 (available on iPad and on macOS Monterey) is Digital Legacy, the ability to select a Legacy Contact. Although the feature only received 14 seconds of airtime in the keynote, […]

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