End of Life Planning

What happens to my Twitter account after I die?

By Erin McCune . May 28, 2021

Have you ever been scrolling through your Twitter feed and thought, what exactly happens to my Twitter account when I die?

We are spending more time time than ever connecting virtually these days, sharing photos, stories, and memories on social media. So, what happens to your legacy and followers when you pass away?

Twitter has taken a different stance than many other social media platforms. They are willing to remove or deactivate an account when given notice by an authorized user, but they are also willing to allow your account to live on with the same followers and handle, provided it is clear that you are no longer the one managing the account (a prime example being @thehermancain, now designated “The Cain Gang” and noted that the account is “now supervised by his team and family”, and the account maintained its followers and continues to tweet).

They do make it very clear that they will not give out the login credentials to anyone, however, so if your loved ones don’t already have your username and password, your next of kin can provide proof of death and remove the account immediately, or your account may be inactivated after six months of inactivity.

As you’ve seen here, access to many social media sites will depend on your loved ones having access to their usernames & passwords. Providing clear and updated instructions is now more important than ever. Don’t accidentally lock your loved ones out of your online life! Fill out our Legacy Worksheet and appoint your Digital Executor today with!


Rachel Sommer