Gifts for the caregivers in your life (on any budget!)

Caregivers are an integral part of our lives. Whether they are taking care of our parents, our children, or our pets, they are taking time out of their days to make sure that everyone else in our lives are okay and have everything they need to be happy and healthy. Now is the perfect time to say thank you to all of the caregivers in your life by getting them something special that will help them with their responsibilities or even just brighten their day with something pretty. Here are some gift ideas for the caregivers in your life, on any budget!

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1) Gifts on a budget (Under $20)

A thoughtful gift can cost less than $20, but does not need to feel cheap. It’s all about giving a gift that’s thoughtful and fits within your budget. Check out our top gifts under $20!

Orbits Eye Stones

2) Thoughtful Gifts (Under $50)

Caregivers are invaluable members of our extended family, but unfortunately it can be difficult to show them how much we appreciate them. Luckily, there are countless thoughtful gifts under $50! Don’t know where to start? Here are some great ideas:

Mon Chateau Fur Throw

3) Gifts Under $100

The best time of year is almost here – that’s right, it’s gift-giving season! There are many people on our lists – from close friends and family members to co-workers and neighbors – who have been taking care of us throughout the year. Now is a great time to give back by giving them a thoughtful gift that shows how much they mean to us. This list of gifts will help you choose something perfect– but also think about supporting a local business in your community, with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or masseuse.

4) Splurge Gifts (Over $100)

Want to spoil your caregiver with a splurge gift, something that they really love and will make their lives easier? We all know how stressful it can be to take care of our loved ones. These gifts make it clear that you truly appreciate and value all they do.

  • Homedics Air 2.0 Foot Massager ($199, but watch for Black Friday sales on this!) – This was a huge hit, and has gotten a ton of use in the three years we’ve had it
  • VYBE Pro Percussion Massage Gun ($199) – our massage gun gets a lot of use in our house, soothing sore muscles and tackling knots.
  • HelloFresh or another grocery delivery service (pricing depends on number of meals, but most offer 14 meals free when you subscribe)
  • Spa day at a local spa (pricing depends on location & services
  • DoorDash or other food delivery gift card
  • Apollo Neuro Stress Relieving Device ($349) – haven’t used this but it’s well-reviewed and who couldn’t use less stress?

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Erin McCune